What is the difference between open and closed cell foam?

Open cell foam is a light-weight spray foam at 0.5 lbs/cu-ft. It performs exceptionally well in above ground applications, providing an air barrier and a perfect fit every time. The r-value of open cell foam is 3.81/inch. 

Closed cell foam is a more rigid insulation at 2 lbs/cu-ft. It has an r-value of 7/inch. When applying foam below grade we always use closed cell foam because it is also a vapor barrier and isn't adversely affected by water.

Closed cell foam is more expensive than open cell foam. We are happy to discuss which type of foam will benefit you the most on your project. Just give us a call at (906) 337-3355.

The insulation and air sealing characteristics of either type of foam provide for an exceptional increase in insulation efficiency over traditional insulations.

How much energy will I save over traditional insulation methods?

Of course this answer varies depending on your project, but we are hearing from our customers that they save between 30%-50%. A great comparison can be found here.

Will spray foam shrink or degrade over time?

Once installed by Superior Polymer Products, spray foam insulations do not settle, shrink or deteriorate.

What does it cost?

Spray foam insulation will cost more than traditional insulation methods. The energy savings that are realized every month by having spray foam installed exceeds the slight increase in the monthly mortgage payment, sometimes by as much as 3 to1. The net result of the insulation upgrade gives the homeowners a positive cash flow the day they move in.

Does my roof need to be vented?

This will depend on the configuration of your roof. Typically we ventilate roofs in the U.P. but in certain situations we can insulate directly against the roof deck without venting.

Is spray foam air impermeable?

Spray foam is air impermeable. This is where spray foam separates itself from the competition. When you stop the air penetration you greatly improve the performance of your building. This also stops condensation from occurring because when the dew point falls within the insulation and there is no air present, dew can't form.

Does open cell foam need a vapor barrier?

Not unless the building code official requires it. Most code officials will not require it but some may. Superior Polymer is fine with either application, however we don't feel it is necessary. Feel free to call to discuss and if you don't know where your building code official stands on this we will find out for you.

Can spray foam be a DIY project?

No, Spray Foam must be done by a certified applicator with special equipment. There are small spray foam kits available on the market but typically it is more expensive to do those yourself than to have Superior Polymer do a professional job.

What are my responsibilities before Superior Polymer arrives?

You should have your rough plumbing and electrical inspections done. The area we are going to be working in should be clear.