A seamless, high performance, high build, double broadcast system flooring system using colored quartz with a protective top coat. This exceptionally durable and aesthetically pleasing floor also provides a slip resistant surface.



A seamless, broadcast flooring system using colored paint chips with a protective top coat. This durable system offers a decorative look along with texture to provide a slip resistant finish.


A high build, self-leveling flooring system creates the unique illusion of glass or marble flooring. This system is protected by a high wear urethane with aluminum oxide for a slight slip resistant finish.


A high build, self-leveling flooring system, using pigmented or clear resin. A high wear urethane with aluminum oxide can be applied to give the floor a slip resistant finish. 


Along with being an electrostatic dissipative product, these extremely durable fluid applied ESD flooring system can withstand heavy traffic and are chemical resistant. 

Base Cove

Eliminate seams between floors and walls with with integral epoxy base cove. Epoxy base cove can be used in conjunction with quartz, flake and neat epoxy flooring system to meet health code standards. 

Epoxy Table Tops

Table Tops

Adding protection and elegance to table tops, counter tops and coffee tables.