Epoxy Flooring


The Epiquartz 440 epoxy flooring system was developed by Superior Polymer Products. This seamless decorative quartz flooring is a two component 100% solids system. When applied, the Epiquartz 440 system is between 1/8" to 1/4" depending on the condition of the substrate. We offer slip resistant or smooth finishes. The Epiquartz 440 system withstands heavy traffic, chemicals and road salt.

Epiquartz data sheet

Epoxy Base Cove

Base Cove

Eliminate seams between floors and walls with with integral epoxy base cove. Add 1" to 4" epoxy base cove to any epoxy flooring such as garages, basements, bathrooms, shower areas and saunas. Epoxy base cove excels in commercial settings such as kitchens, due to it's ability to meet health department standards.

Epoxy Flooring


Metallic epoxy flooring is a two component 100% solids system. This durable system creates the unique illusion of glass or marble flooring. The metallic epoxy system is protected with a high gloss or satin urethane.


Epoxy Table Tops

Table Tops

Adding protection and elegance to table top, counter tops and coffee tables.